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the name of the following artist is very interessting. he is called LUDO. this is the same name the british institute had, that first cloned an animal, the sheep dolly. especially i love his outdoor collages that thematize human influence on nature and the dangerous excessive hunger for consumption. in this sense an interesting play with the name he chose.

very interesting are also to set his ambitions inside a context of cultural hacking. therefore he is redesigning a lot of posters all around the world under the title co-branding.

in the moment you can find a lot of great works of ludo in londons high roller society. under the heading metamorphosis the parisian artist is presenting some of his indoor stuff like e-lepidoptera and grapes of wrath you can see above. when you plan a short stay in London within the next weeks take the time for a short metamorphosis. further information you can find on his homepage. enjoy his great stuff and ‘go crazy’!

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